Fitness advice/guide (1.5 MILE RUN)

2.4km (1.5 mile) Run is a timed run over a fixed distance. The course is on level ground and on a good running surface. It is an individual best effort and your target time will depend on your age and the jobs you have applied for. Infantry require 12.45. Para require 09.40. RA, RAC, RE and RLC Pioneer require 13.15. AAC, AGC, AMS, CAM, INT, RAVC, REME, RLC and SIGS require 14.00.
All Junior’s less Para require 14.30. Junior Para require 10.00.

Just thought I would give you an insight on what is expected of you when you do your run at ADSC Pirbright. If I am honest if you are a junior entrant you only need to get 14.30 (LESS PARA). The run is the most nerve racking event you do there for the two days in my opinion. But I do a light jog and get 11 mins so you will be fine! But even if you are senior you only have to get 12:45. But bare in mind that the Sargent major watches you and your commitment, so I suggest try and aim to get 10:30 or under. If you get under thing that is the highest grade for the run itself (A)

Please post any questions or if you need advice on this subject or anything!

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