My three job choices

As going into the Infantry/armoured side of things in the Army I had a variety of regiments and corps that I could apply for, but as I have been thinking about this before I even first walked into the careers office my decisions were very clear to me;
1st choice) 1 Royal Anglian (The Vikings) the reason why this is my first choice is purely because this regiment is my local infantry regiment, therefore I would be only working with people that are from my area (Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk etc)
2nd choice)The Rifles. The Rifles regiment appealed to me for quite a few reasons, it is the largest regiment in the British Army (5 regular battalions and 2 territorial battalions). Another reason is that the rest of the regiments in the British Army march at 120 paces per minute, The Rifles march at 140 paces per minute making this regiment very unique.
3rd choice) Light gunner Royal artillery. The role of the light gunner is to support troops on the frontline, putting the enemy under extreme pressure. I wanted to join this because you would be away from the battlefield, but not that far that you feel like you are missing out on the action!

If you have any questions or feedback, PLEASE comment!

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