Many people seem to put revision off when joining the Army but believe me, don’t. When going into the careers office for the second or third time (after your BARB test) you will have to select your three job choices (but if you change your mind half way through your application you have all rights to as you haven’t signed your official contract yet). Your recruiter will then print off information for all three job choices (LEARN THESE PAPERS) then research yourself about the history and training of all of your job choices. I suggest the official British Army website for revision, it helped me out a lot this website has all of the information you need for your interviews to become successful.

If choosing not to revision and “wing it” your recruiter and his Sargent major (his boss basically who you will be interviewing you in the final interview before you attend ADSC) will pick up on your lack of your commitment to join and suspend your application if failing the final interview before ADSC as that interview is the verdict of you attending selection at Pirbright (ADSC). You will always hear them say “You prepare to pass” and that phrase usually just goes in one ear and out the other. But that is crucial advise.


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