Information on 1 Royal Anglian regiment (The Vikings)

If you are considering joining the Royal Anglian regiment here are some details that you should know about before thinking about applying to join the regiment (This is my first job choice so I used this information as revision for all of my selection interviews so this information is very significant)

The Vikings are the 1st Battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment, a Light Role Infantry Battalion that recruits from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Based in Bulford, Wiltshire, the unit uses the most up to date weapon systems and the most advanced communications available.

Recent History

In 2007, the Battalion deployed in Helmand, Afghanistan. During what was a particularly demanding six month tour, the Battalion gained over 70 awards for bravery – including a Distinguished Service Order, six Military Crosses and a Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

In August 2009, The Vikings returned to Helmand and are currently deployed again on their fourth tour. Life in The Vikings is not for the faint hearted and for an idea of what the Battalion got up to in Helmand, take a look at ‘Ross Kemp in Afghanistan’. You’ll see how The Vikings trained for and operated in the infamous Sangin Valley where they clashed with the Taliban on a daily basis.

Before Afghanistan, the Battalion served in Iraq, Bosnia, Croatia, Northern Ireland and Belize. In order to remain ready for operations, The Vikings have trained in Africa, Canada, USA, Oman and throughout the UK.

Both the Vikings and Poachers are fighting units that deploy worldwide wherever they are needed. Within the unit there are many different jobs. Initially, you will be part of a four-man team trained to fight at close quarters, though once you have gained some experience within the Battalion, you will have the opportunity to specialise.

Here’s a full list of the roles available within The Regiment: 

  • Rifleman
  • Mortarman
  • Anti-Tank Operator
  • Driver
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications
  • Medic
  • Regimental Policeman
  • Reconnaissance
  • Human Resources
  • Intelligence Cell
  • Assault Pioneer
  • Machine Gunner
  • Sniper

What qualifications can I gain?

Throughout your time with The Regiment, you will learn new skills as well as having the opportunity to achieve credible qualifications. You can gain academic qualifications to stand you in good stead for life after the Army, or complete an Apprenticeship and get an NVQ. Here are just some of the areas in which you could gain qualifications:

  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Driving
  • Management

What is my commitment?

Initially, you will be required to complete four years’ service.

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