Is the Infantry role right for you?

Infantry solider (Combat)
As part of the Army’s front-line team, you get involved in everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war. You won’t do this on your own, though – you’re supported on the battlefield by some of the Army’s best soldiers. And you make some great friends in your unit, which generates vital team spirit in combat.

Is the role right for you?
You should be:
Sex: Male

Regular Army Age: 16 – 32.11 years
Territorial Army Age: 18 – 42.11 years
You should have:
No formal qualifications required
You should like:
Taking risks and feeling the adrenaline
Outdoor activities
Working outside
Target or game shooting
Driving vehicles
You should be interested or have experience in:
Ammunition & Explosives Handling
Vehicle / Equip Mechanic
Driving large vehicles


The Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITC(C)) trains all Infantrymen joining the British Army and produces the best Infantry soldiers in the world. You will complete a Combat Infantryman’s Course (28 weeks), which combines your initial training and your Infantry training (Phase 1 & 2). You learn essential soldiering skills like how to survive in numerous environments and you will build stamina and fitness. You will be taught how to fire the Infantry weapons, how to administer first aid, how to map read in all conditions as well as many other skills of the trade. Junior entry Infantry soldiers (aged 16-17) receive basic training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate, and then you complete your Infantry training at ITC(C) on a 10 week course. Once you have finished your Infantry training you will then complete a further 2 weeks to gain a category B (car) or C (heavy goods) drivers license. Now you are ready to join your Regiment and take part in all manner of operations world-wide.

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